PRIVATE TOUR: Kopitiam Breakfast, Market Shopping, Food Tasting & Cooking Class (6 hrs)

  7:30 am – 1:30 pm
6 hours duration (excluding travel time)
Pick-up and drop off from the hotel
English/Mandarin 中文/Cantonese
 1 – 4 travelers per group
USD 380 (RM 1500) per tour

Ready to live like a local for half a day in Kuala Lumpur? In this authentic culinary experience, you will eat, shop, and cook Malaysian food like a local. Explore the farmer’s market with a friendly Malaysian chef, eat breakfast and drink local coffee at a Kopitiam (local cafe), shop at the market (if you like), and then go back to a local’s home to cook delicious Malaysian meal for lunch.


  • Private tour for only you and nobody else
  • Eat breakfast and drink local coffee at a Kopitiam
  • Try a variety of Malaysian snacks and fruits at the market
  • Shop with a local and get shopping tips
  • Private cooking class with a Malaysian cookbook writer
  • Explore a tropical edible garden
  • Cook and dine in a real Malaysian home
  • Take home your own recipe booklet
  • Experience living like a local


  • BE DRIVEN TO A LOCAL’S HOME: Start your morning being driven from your hotel to a friendly suburb just 20 minutes away from the city centre.
  • HAVE COFFEE & BREAKFAST AT A KOPITIAM: We will visit my family’s favourite kopitiam (local cafe) where we get hand-roasted local coffee and typical Malaysian breakfast like kaya-butter toast (bread with coconut jam), kuih-muih (local cakes made from coconut), and noodles.
  • EXPLORE A FARMER’S MARKET: We’ll then tour a typical farmer’ market. Explore rows and rows of stalls selling all sort of fresh vegetables, meat, fruits, and snack. Learn about interesting local produce such as petai (stinky beans) and taste local snacks such asapam balik (pancake with peanut).
  • VISIT A SPECIALITY FOOD STORE: You will visit either a coconut milk factory, tropical fruit stall, or medicinal shop. You get to seef reshly pressed coconut milk, a variety of local fruits like rambutan, or herbal concoction in glass jars.
  • SHOPPING: You can shop for local food to bring back home – we will make sure that the quality is good and the price is reasonable.
  • BE WELCOMED AT HOME WITH TEA & APPETISER: Then, proceed home to enjoy a glass of flower tea and delicious appetiser from the garden.
  • EXPLORE ORGANIC EDIBLE GARDEN: Before we cook, we will explore my organic edible garden with over 50 herbs, spices, and flowers used in everyday Malaysian cooking.
  • HARVEST LOCAL HERBS: We will see, touch, smell, and taste a variety of local plants like blue flower, curry leaves, and turmeric. Depending on availability, we may even harvest herbs for our cooking.
  • LEARN ABOUT LOCAL INGREDIENTS: In the kitchen where my family cooks, we will learn how to make 5 popular Malaysian recipes. I will introduce you to essential produce for our cooking such as lemongrass and coconut flakes.
  • COOK IN A MALAYSIAN KITCHEN: With my expert guidance, we will pound spices with a pestle and mortar belonging to my grandmother or and pull tea with two mugs. You will learn tips and tricks on authentic Malaysian cooking.
  • LUNCH & CHIT-CHAT: Finally, it’s time to enjoy a delicious meal we made together and chit-chat about Malaysian food, culture, and lifestyle. We will send you back to the hotel with a full stomach, knowledge of Malaysia’s food and plants, cooking skills, and a recipe booklet so that you can cook Malaysian food for your family and friends back home!


(1) Explore the farmer’s market and learn about interesting local produce 
(2) Sample Malaysian snacks and fruits