I am Sara Khong, a professional cook, recipe developer, food stylist, food writer, and author of four cookbooks.

I teach Malaysian cooking at my cooking schoolI am also a food enthusiast who photographs, illustrates, and read about food. I style and photograph the food that you see in this website, drew this illustration for one of my cookbooks, and these are some of my favourite books on food.

I received a Bachelor of Laws degree from University of London; but instead of researching on case law I decided to research on delicious cuisine. I’ve obtained a certification from HarvardX on Science & Cooking, in which I learned the science behind cooking.

To expand my horizon in the culinary arts, I travel the world to dine at restaurants, discover local street food and attend local cooking class. I’ve obtained certification at Le Cordon Bleu London on Modern & Classic Sauce, and Le Cordon Bleu Thailand on Thai Cuisine Workshop: Curry, paste & sauces, and Beijing Cooking School.

At New Malaysian Kitchen, I record and enhance traditional recipes using science and modern appliances. Please enjoy my tried and tested recipes - dishes I cook for myself, my family and friends. If you're in Kuala Lumpur, I welcome you to join my cooking classes at my family home.


Eat traditionally

I believe that eating healthy is eating traditionally. That means eating like our grandparents did: home-cooked food that includes a variety of real foods such as vegetables, grains, seafood, meat, bone broth, and fermented food.

Use fresh & local ingredients

I use fresh and local ingredients in my cooking as much as I can. I'm lucky to be able to harvest fresh herbs and vegetables from my garden. However, for convenience, I occasionally include packaged and canned food. Cooking using a combination of fresh and packaged ingredient is better than eating out.

Use natural seasonings

Food should not only be delicious, but nutritious too. I flavour my food with natural seasonings like sea salt, honey, herbs, and spices. For tasty umami flavour, I use homemade stock and glutamate-rich fresh produce such as dried shrimps, mushrooms, and tomatoes. I do use chicken stock granules, but rarely and only in small quantities.

Utilise kitchen appliances & tools

I use kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier and faster. For example, I mince onions in a small manual chopper, and make chilli pastes in my blender. Investing in the right equipment makes cooking much more convenient. Gadgets I like

Cook whenever possible

The demands of modern life make it very difficult to cook daily. When I’m busy, I make simple food such as baked fish and roast vegetables in the oven, or cook freezer-friendly meals in batches.

I encourage you to cook, even if it's just once a week. It’s good for your health & soul!

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