Online Cooking Class - Cook Great Asian Meals At Home!

ūüŹ†¬†¬†Stuck at home¬†and looking for something different to do?¬†

ūüć≥¬† Have you been¬†cooking the same food again and again¬†during the lockdown?¬†

ūü•≥¬† Why not arrange a¬†virtual cooking class party¬†with your family and friends?

If you wonder how an online cooking class experience is like, check out Sara's virtual cooking class with The Food Ranger:


  1. Cook two main dishes - Cook two main dishes that will be a complete lunch/dinner 
  2. 1.5 hours cooking class - It's long enough to learn and short enough to be interesting
  3. Cooking together - I'll be cooking alongside you. See how my food looks like at every stage, and I'll check yours to see if it's ok 
  4. Garden tour - See how ingredients that you pick at the supermarket look in its natural state
  5. Invite your friends - You're encouraged to invite your favourite people to share the joy and the cost
  6. Personal guidance & full attention - I'll be cooking only with you and whoever you choose to invite to this private class 

" Invite your favourite people to share the joy and the cost! (up to 3 devices) "


  1. Sharing with up to 3 devices - I encourage you to cook with who you're living with and invite two other friends to join us virtually. If everyone found a buddy, it can be a party of 6!
  2. Friendly, upbeat instructor - I will make sure you'll have a good time!
  3. Detailed shopping list - You will get a shopping list to buy the right ingredient. Substitutes will be given as well. 
  4. Fool-proof recipes - As I'm a cookbook writer, you will get a detailed & clear recipe before the class
  5. Success guaranteed - If you fail despite following instructions, I will gladly refund you. 
malaysian virtual cooking class sara khong

"I will make sure your cooking will be a success. If you fail despite following instructions, I will gladly refund you" - Sara Khong


  1. Choose one of the two menus of your choice below
  2. Invite your family/friends (up to 3 devices per class)
  3. Make a booking with Sara 
  4. Get the ingredient list & recipe delivered to you
  5. Buy ingredients according to the list given
  6. Setup the kitchen for a virtual cooking class! 
  7. Have fun cooking!


ūüá≤ūüáĺ MALAYSIAN¬†

  • Nasi Lemak
  • Spiced Fried Chicken OR Vegan 'Chicken' Rendang¬†

*Vegetarian/ Vegan option available


  • Seafood/Chicken Tom Yum Soup¬†
  • Lemongrass Chicken Satay OR Thai Papaya Salad

*Pescetarian option available

 "Cook two delicious main dishes that will be your complete lunch/dinner"


Since the pandemic, I've conducted virtual cooking classes for private individuals and large companies. While it's not the same, there are some benefits:

  • Use existing kitchen tools & appliances¬†- I'll show you how to cook great meals with whatever you have in your kitchen¬†
  • Gain skills to choose ingredients¬†- the ability to pick fresh ingredients is an important skill of a competent cook
  • Learn about ingredients substitute - I'll suggest the best substitute for ingredients you cannot find at your supermarket
  • You'll be sure you'll be able to cook it again¬†- Taking part in the entire cooking process e.g., choosing ingredients and preparation, validates that you can make a great meal in your own kitchen!
  • No mask needed!¬†- Cook in the safety & comfort of your own home.
  • Expand your cooking repertoire¬†- Learning a few more dishes is so useful during the pandemic when many live on takeouts.¬†

"Taking part in the entire cooking process, e.g., choosing ingredients and preparation, validates that YOU can make a great meal in your own kitchen!


I have worked with corporate companies for a fun and successful online cooking class and team building for their staff.

  • Virtual corporate¬†cooking class/ demo - We can conduct a general cooking class/ demo for the entire company
  • Virtual culinary team building - We can also conduct a more intimate session for culinary team building among smaller department of the company¬†
  • Custom menu - We can customise the menu and the class according to your needs. Contact me at [email protected]

We like to emphasise on caring for our health and bonding through cooking. The virtual class also includes a tropical garden tour and Q&A session.



  • RM 700 per class (~USD 165/ EURO 150¬†depending on current exchange rate)
  • It can be shared with up to 4 devices.
  • No limit to how many people per device. But usually, it's two people per device
  • So this can be a 8 person online cooking class!


  • Book the class of your choice by sending Sara an email at [email protected]
  • Tell us your preferred menu, date, and time e.g
    • MENU: Malaysian/ Thai
    • DATE: 4 December
    • TIME: 6 pm (Canadian Time)
  • Your booking will be confirmed via email within 24 hours
  • Make full payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer
  • We will make a full refund if you give us 3 days notice

I promise you it's going to be fun!


"...Sara was attentive and thorough in our planning via email, assuring we had proper cooking tools, could find ingredients or alternatives in our local stores, and had appropriate technology to join the meeting, even accommodating multiple time zones!

...She adjusted to the virtual setting by offered tips on how to adjust flavors and assure proper cooking based on color, texture, and smell, and we successfully created and plated delicious meals!

...the garden tour and Q&A a mini-vacation during a time when we cannot travel"

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- Julia Dittberner Neuman, Los Angeles

"This was SO MUCH FUN! II found the virtual cooking class by Sara to be one of the best ways to learn Malaysian cooking from home - WAY BETTER than watching YouTube. Having Sara guide me through each step and explain all the details was so valuable and her expertise shines through as soon as you connect with her. She knows her stuff!

...I was so surprised by how delicious it turned out for my first time! As a beginner cook, I was not expecting that I could actually make something that delicious! And that's all because of how Sara guides you through each step and tells you exactly when to do what at the right time and explains to you why! She has excellent skills and learning from her can help you improve much faster than trying to learn from online recipes or YouTube, it's definitely a worthwhile experience."

- Trevor James (The Food Ranger), Canada-Malaysia