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Fool-proof recipes for those who can’t cook

Dried Shrimp / Udang Kering Powder (‘Homemade MSG’)

Do you know that besides the four basic taste (i.e sweet, sour, salty, and bitter), there’s another flavour called umami? A Japanese scientist managed to extract a substance called glutamate from kombu seaweed and discovered that its combination with salt creates a ‘pleasant savoury taste’.  That is how MSG was created and slowly permeates supermarkets, restaurants, and …

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Easy Punjabi Chicken Curry

If soup is my comfort food, curry is a treat. Soup soothes my soul but curry stirs excitement. What kind of spices is in the curry? Are there potatoes in it? Will it be too spicy? The thing with curries is that you’ll never know until you take a bite. I have long searched for …

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