Salt Baked Chicken @ Restoran Happy Salts Steam Chicken [Kuala Lumpur]

Salt Baked Chicken is a popular street food marinated in salt & herbs, then wrapped in wax paper and foil to bake. It’s famous Ipoh but also found in Kuala Lumpur! Ipoh is famous for its many street food including Salt Baked Chicken (盐焗鸡).

One of the more popular brand is Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken (宴琼林盐焗鸡) which my Mom and I buy everytime we go to Ipoh. Little did I know that it’s also available in Kuala Lumpur.

WHAT TO ORDER: Whole Salt Baked Chicken (RM 37)

WHY IT’S GOOD: The owner makes these chicken in small quantities using kampung chicken (these are free-range chicken with more natural feed). What makes it different from other salt baked chicken is that it contains spices like black pepper and good amount of a few different wine. I personally love the residual ‘sauce’ from the chicken essence and wine. While it may not be the authentic as Ipoh style salt-baked chicken, but I like the difference: flavourful and moist. 

WHAT ELSE TO ORDER: Stir-fry Ginger Chicken.

Restoran Happy Salts Steam Chicken 正家乡盐焗鸡

Address:1129, Jalan Jinjang, Jinjang Utara, 52000 Kuala Lumpur

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday | 11.30 PM – 5 PM

Contact: 016-625 7800

Status: Non-Halal

Link(s): Facebook 

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