How to eat a mango without peeling it?

mango - mangga

I like the smartest and fastest method of doing everything at home (and in life). Yes, that includes eating a mango. Forget about peeling the skin and then cutting the flesh into bite-size pieces. Let me show you the no-peel method of eating a mango. It only takes 5 minutes…cutting, eating and throwing the seed away included!

  1. Cut one side of the flesh of the mango lengthwise, avoiding the seed.
  2. Repeat step #1
  3. You will have three pieces of the mango.
  4. Cut the skin surrounding the seed.
  5. Make vertical stripes on other two fleshy pieces. Remember to avoid cutting though the mango; just cut the flesh before reaching the skin.
  6. Now cut vertical stripes against it to create a criss-cross pattern.
  7. Hold the two edges of the mango and invert the mango to push the flesh out.


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