Masoor Dhal (Red lentils)

red lentil masoor dhal

There are plenty of lentils in the market, which I knew nothing of until I was invited for dinner at Aunty Clara’s. As an Indian, dhal curry is her staple food. She keeps many types of dhal of all colours (red, yellow, green, etc) and makes different variety of dhal which she generously pour over ponni rice. I loved her dhal and asked for her recipe.

When asked which dhal I should buy. As she knew that I like to make simple food and spend as little time as I can in the kitchen, she suggested masoor dhal. The red lentil, according to her, cooks very quickly.

Health benefits

All types of lentils are very high in molybdenum and iron, hence making them great for oxygenate the blood. The insoluble fibre also helps keep cholesterol level low. It’s rich in vitamin B1 (thiamine) which helps to regulate the nervous system and maintain a steady heartbeat (source: Healing Foods by Neal’s Yard Remedies).

Other names

  • English name: Red lentil
  • Malay name: Kacang dhal
  • Chinese name: Masoor


Store in a dark and dry place. It should last for years.


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