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Kaffir Lime Leaves & Powder

Kaffir lime leaves are easily recognisable. The leaves are dark green in colour and have a unique double-segmented leaves. Its hour glass shape and deep emerald green leaves adorn dull, brown curries beautifully. I’ll garnish curry with the whole leaf or sprinkle long and thinly slices leaves on it. Tear the leaves slightly and you’ll whiff …

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Curry Leaves

In Malaysia, curry leaves are available in the gardens of many households. I live in the surburb where you can easily find this plant growing by the roadside. As my neighbour has a huge and healthy curry leaves tree (which she generously offer us to pluck anytime), we didn’t have to plant any in our …

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Mixed Fenugreek Spice/ Talipu

Mixed Fenugreek is a mix of fenugreek, fennel, mustard seed, cumin and urad dal. I first learned of this spice mix when I learned to make dhal curry from Aunty Clara, an Indian mother who cooks for her family. If you’re a fan of dhal, you will notice the specks of black dots that’s in …

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Kombu (Kelp)

Kelp, or known as kombu/ konbu in Japanese, is a type of seaweed. Its widely used in Japan to make a soup base called dashi (Recipe: Japanese Dashi Stock). Taste & smell Seaweed has the basic salty-savoury taste thanks to concentrated minerals and amino acid, especially glumatic acid (major component of MSG). It also contains …

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Salted Egg (Ham Dan/ 咸蛋)

Salted egg is a  popular preserved Chinese food. Fresh duck eggs are soaked in brine (salty water) for about 20 to 30 days, or packing each egg in damp, salted charcoal. This method draws water out of bacteria and mold, hence stop their growth. It is traditionally used in making savoury dumplings (Zong/ 粽) during …

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pandan leaves

Pandan leaves

Pandan leaves is Malaysian favourite natural flavouring. It is used to impart fragrance into dessert and rice. Other names English name: Pandan leaves Malay name: Daun pandan Chinese name: Pan Dan Yip (班兰叶)/ 七葉蘭 How to use Tear the leaves to allow more aroma to be released during cooking. It is also normally tied into a knot …

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