Flower Crab (Ketam Bunga/ 花蟹)

Flower Crab Ketam Bunga

Flower crab are not as fleshy as mud crab. However, I find that the flesh in larger flower crab is tolerable; I can still find substantial meat. I buy this crab a lot more than mud crab  because it’s not alive when sold, making it much easier to handle.

Other names

  • English name: Flower crab (in Southeast Asia)/ Blue crab (in Australia)
  • Scientific name: Portunus pelagicus
  • Malay name: Ketam bunga
  • Chinese name: Fa Hai (花蟹)

How to choose fresh crab

Pick those which the claws and legs are still intact. Beware: the crabs are normally tied together with rubber bands, and string the otherwise broken limbs together.

How to differentiate female and male crab

Males are bright blue in colour, while the females have a duller greenish brown colour.


It should be used immediately. Buy and use it on the same day. However, once I bought extra and had no choice but to freeze it. After a week, it seems to be still fresh for use.


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