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Salted Egg (Ham Dan/ 咸蛋)

Salted egg is a  popular preserved Chinese food. Fresh duck eggs are soaked in brine (salty water) for about 20 to 30 days, or packing each egg in damp, salted charcoal. This method draws water out of bacteria and mold, hence stop their growth. It is traditionally used in making savoury dumplings (Zong/ 粽) during …

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Passion fruit

Passionfruit are rather small. When cut open, it reveal only small amount of pulpy seeds. But despite its small size, the fruit is concentrated in flavour and too sour to eat it on its own. I love to make juices with it and top it on my yoghurt. Other names English name: Passion fruit Malay …

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yam / taro root

Taro Root/ Yam (Wu Tau/ 芋头)

Taro are tuber vegetables. There are two types of taros, big and small ones. The bigger ones are used for making stew (and for me my favourite Hakka Yam Abacus). Whereas the small yam with more delicate texture is used for sweet soups. Other names English name: Taro/ yam Chinese name: Wu Tau (芋头) Where …

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red lentil masoor dhal

Masoor Dhal (Red lentils)

There are plenty of lentils in the market, which I knew nothing of until I was invited for dinner at Aunty Clara’s. As an Indian, dhal curry is her staple food. She keeps many types of dhal of all colours (red, yellow, green, etc) and makes different variety of dhal which she generously pour over …

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