Red Fermented Bean Curd (Nam Yu/ 南乳)

Red fermented bean curd is made from soybeans, salt, rice wine, sesame oil and vinegar. However, unlike common fermented bean curd, it is distinctively red thanks to the use of red yeast rice.

Taste & smell

In Malaysia and Singapore, fermented bean curd is sold in glass jars and comes in cubes of 2 – 4 cm. It has a very strong smell and flavour.

Other names

  • English name: Red Fermented Bean Curd
  • Chinese name: Nam yu (南乳)

Where to buy

Bottles of red fermented beancurd is easily available at supermarkets and wet markets in Malaysia and Singapore.

Nam yu 南乳 Red Fermented Beancurd


Store in a dark and dry place.



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