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Snacks & Desserts

Healthy Malaysian ‘Fried’ Chicken | Ayam Goreng Berempah – No Oil, No Breadcrumbs, Keto-friendly

While I adore Malaysian street food, I cannot deny that many are not good for health if eaten excessively. But I’m a greedy person. I want to enjoy my Malaysian food and yet maintain my good health. So I always find ways to make my favourite Malaysian food healthier. Malaysian Spiced Fried Chicken,  or Ayam Goreng …

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green tea nutella cake

Green Tea & Nutella Cake

I love anything with green tea in it. This winning combo of green tea and Nutella is amazing. I like the deep and bitter taste of green tea powder; the nutty sweetness of Nutella; and its moist texture. If you love green tea as much as I do, a slice of this cake is not enough. …

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Kimchi pancakes

Kimchi Pancake

My interested in Korean culture (and food) begins with the first episode of Dae Jang Geum (Jewel In The Palace), a super popular K-drama about a palace made who became the first female imperial doctor. Since a few years ago, I always have a packet of kimchi in my fridge. Besides eating it with rice, …

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Layered Green Tea Mousse

This is hands down one of the easiest dessert I’ve ever made. Only 7 ingredients and 10 minutes to prepare (though you will need to wait for a few hours for the end product). No oven or a stand mixer needed. The results? Glasses of rich, pastel coloured mousse with a lovely taste of green tea. …

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otak-otak steam - New Malaysian Kitchen

Easy Otak-Otak in 30 Minutes

I have a thing for Nyonya food; I think I like the unique flavour combo of the many spices such as turmeric and daun kaduk (wild betel). Perhaps because Nyonya cuisine is influenced by the Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai and British, it tend to have a complex and interesting flavour (I’m crazy about sambal belacan …

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