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Dried Shrimp / Udang Kering Powder (‘Homemade MSG’)

Do you know that besides the four basic taste (i.e sweet, sour, salty, and bitter), there’s another flavour called umami? A Japanese scientist managed to extract a substance called glutamate from kombu seaweed and discovered that its combination with salt creates a ‘pleasant savoury taste’.  That is how MSG was created and slowly permeates supermarkets, restaurants, and …

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Authentic Penang Asam Laksa

If there’s one dish that I am crazy about, it must be asam laksa. This noodle has all combination of flavours: sour, spicy, sweet, salty, and umami. The thick broth made from local spices, tamarind, and fish flakes is divine. My love for asam laksa is beyond normal. When I was a kid, my father used to cook …

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